Best 4K Gaming Monitors for PC 2023: 144Hz, Curved and More

Best 4K Gaming Monitors 2023

As mainstream graphics cards become even more powerful, it’s not surprising that PC gamers drool over monitors with a 4K resolution. A panel packing 8.3 million pixels (3840 x 2160) makes your favorite games look sharp and realistic. It also lets you see the most out of the best webcams, which is helpful if you’re a streamer.

In addition to being the highest resolution you can find in a good gaming monitor these days, going 4K also offers the ability to expand to larger displays while retaining a sharp image. With a packed pixel army, you can stretch your screen size well past 30 inches without having pixels so large that you can see them. And the best graphics cards, whether from Nvidia’s RTX 40-series or AMD’s Radeon RX 7000-series, make a move to 4K even more tempting.