Best Game Creation Tools For Beginners

Creating games is no mean feat, and people need to invest quite some time into learning the tools of this trade before even thinking about getting into video game development. This can make for a pretty massive barrier to entry that may deter fledgling developers from even thinking about making a video game, but this imposing challenge might not be as tough as most people would expect.

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After all, there are several beginner-friendly tools that players can use to get started with the very act of video game development itself. Some of the creation tools mentioned on this list are gamified themselves, meaning that they can serve as a great way for players to get a taste of the simpler systems before moving on to more complex ones.


7/7 Game Builder Garage

nodon game builder garage

People who own a Nintendo Switch and want to get into video game development as soon as possible should try out the Game Builder Garage. It’s a pretty simple tool that gives players enough options to make fairly decent and engaging video games, with the sheer number of editing tools at hand being surprisingly diverse for a tool that looks pretty simple from the get-go.

Of course, making extremely engaging titles with this tool can be a tall order, but the experiences that players can enjoy with the same should not be scoffed at. It’s a great entry-level tool that fans will have a great time using.

6/7 Super Mario Maker 2

0_0000_Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2 is a rather odd choice for this list, but it’s a great game creation tool for people who want to make tight platforming challenges using the Mario 2D engine. There are several styles to choose from, with players being able to make modern Mario challenges, nostalgic platforming experiences, and everything in between.

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That being said, it’s obvious that Super Mario Maker 2 is the most limited game creation tool of the lot on this list. Sure, the mechanics of the tool can be twisted to make different and creative games… but most experiences will be limited by the scope of the title itself.

5/7 Dreams

Dreams ps4 game

It’s a shame that Dreams doesn’t get the push from Sony it deserves, since this tool is one of the most powerful game creation tools out there despite not really being as hardcore as the other entries on this list. Players have made some truly amazing things using the Dreams engine, with these games being worth checking out for any aspiring game developer.

It can take a bit of time to wrap one’s head around, but players who make the most of Dreams‘ systems will find themselves enjoying one of the best game creation tools out there. Mastering Dreams‘ creation tools can be a ton of fun and serve as a great way to get other game creation tools that are slightly more in-depth.

4/7 RPG Maker


RPG Maker is one of the most popular and beloved game creation tools out there, with each and every iteration of this engine being widely appreciated for its suite of changes. Pretty much every version of RPG Maker can be used by players, with this robust game engine being one of the most popular and favorite game creation engines out there.

The latest version, RPG Maker Unite, promises to be a huge evolution in its own right, with the partnership of this engine and Unity proving to have a ton of potential indeed. Whether players want to create horror titles, classic fantasy RPGs, engaging visual novels, mind-bogging puzzle games, or anything else along the same lines — RPG Maker will definitely be a pretty engaging prospect in its own right.

3/7 Unity


Speaking of Unity, it would be impossible to not mention this title on the list. Unity is a classic game creation tool that many people have heard of, with this robust 3D game engine being used for other things such as architectural projects, 3D modeling, and animation as well.

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Unity is a beginner-friendly game development engine that many people use as their go-to option for learning the ropes of video game development. Of course, a bit of effort is involved in learning the engine… but investing enough time ensures that players will be on track to make a great video game!

2/7 GameMaker


Players who want to make engaging 2D games need not look any further than GameMaker. Previously known as GameMaker Studio, GameMaker is a great game creation tool that players can learn to craft great 2D gaming experiences and hone their skills in video game development.

GameMaker has spawned several great titles, with Hyper Light Drifter, Hotline Miami, Katana Zero, and Undertale being a few of the many indie darlings that have been formed using this engine. As long as people don’t mind the 2D restrictions, they will find GameMaker to be easy to pick up and develop titles with.

1/7 Godot


A relatively new game creation tool that has made its way into the market is Godot, an engine that can be used to create both 2D and 3D games with ease. The ease of use with this title makes it one of the best game creation tools to check out, with players being able to learn the basics of this engine pretty quickly.

The fact that this game creation tool is easily becoming the favorite of many indie developers proves that Godot‘s rise isn’t stopping anytime soon. Players who want a beginner-friendly game creation tool to mess around with will gain a ton of mileage from Godot, which is surprisingly accessible given how robust it is.

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