Elden Ring player miracles how everyone can like the RPG following accidentally playing really hard manner for a month: “I didn’t know there had been distinct have hundreds”

Reddit user Legendarygap discovered on their own in a quandary immediately after striving Elden Ring. They’d performed and liked Sekiro, their first FromSoftware game, and every person said Elden Ring is the finest of the best. But from their level of view, it felt terrible to engage in. It was only a month afterwards that they finally realized about the RPG’s equip load system and realized they’d unintentionally been taking part in with the complete worst dodge roll the entire time.

“I picked up Elden Ring following due to the fact I’ve listened to it is amazing. I started out taking part in and experienced a miserable time. The recreation felt very complicated and I could not figure out what I was executing mistaken,” they explained in a Reddit post lamenting that they had played on “hard manner” for a month. “It took me about a week to eventually conquer Margit the Fell Omen, and [I] had a identical practical experience with other early bosses.”