How to engage in Rek’Sai leading in LoL

Soon after currently being off the radars for an overall period, Riot Video games decided to give Rek’Sai some adore and required buffs with the launch of Patch 13.11 on June 1. They gave her improved maintain from her W, as nicely as buffs on her problems talents, creating her just one of the strongest junglers in the meta.

Aside from her primary function, however, Rek’Sai has seemingly identified increasing achievements as a top laner, boasting remarkable figures and a 53 per cent win fee, according to stats web-site lolalytics. And the buffs that have been meant to push her into the jungle, have ended up gratifying her in the top lane a lot more. 

Even however she’s however not as preferred at the moment, Rek’Sai can be a fantastic decide to surprise enemies, specifically as a counter. Thus, we will be heading over her builds and runes, as properly as some critical details to swiftly pick her up and get the most out of her package. In this article is how you enjoy top lane Rek’Sai in League

Rek’Sai in the top rated lane: Runes and Construct

Rek’Sai best lane rune setup is equivalent to the 1 utilised in the jungle. She continue to goes for Conqueror as her major keystone rune due to the fact she can just take total edge of the further adaptive drive throughout her combos and trades in the course of the game. It can give her the edge each in teamfights and particularly in just one-vs-a person scenarios, which is going to be widespread when enjoying Rek’Sai top rated. 

Rek’Sai Prime lane rune set up. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The slight runes from the Precision tree are Triumph, Legend: Alacrity, and Final Stand. The first two are normal and are the only feasible runes for Rek’Sai from that tree. Last Stand, on the other hand, is more robust than Coup de Grace in most scenarios because she will be fighting aggressively in opposition to the opponents, and the bonus problems will be effective when finishing off the enemies.

That mentioned, the secondary tree is the place the major variance lies. Prime lane Rek’Sai needs to go for Demolish and 2nd Wind from the Solve tree. The former is to even further increase her break up force probable, although Second Wind synergizes with the champion’s innate healing to boost her maintain in the early stages and every single time she finishes combating with her enemies.  

When it will come to the create, Rek’Sai has a regular established of objects she would like to buy, but there is a higher diploma of customization, dependent on which part she requires to in good shape within the crew comp or how the sport state is. Regardless, her Mythic merchandise is often going to be Stridebreaker, provided the stats it presents, as properly as the active impact that slows close by enemies. It tends to make it almost not possible for the enemies to get absent from her combo, and it can also be utilised for wave clearing if important. 

Just after that, most players go for Black Cleaver to get excess wellbeing, attack injury, potential haste, as perfectly as the ability to shred enemies’ armor. By executing so, Rek’Sai can offer far more injury the for a longer time the trade is prolonged. Though the first core objects are very significantly the identical throughout the board, it’s from the third merchandise onwards that you begin customizing the construct.

If you are heading to be break up pushing a good deal and fighting one particular-vs-a person, Hullbreaker is the most successful 3rd merchandise to get. Get Sterak’s Gage and a Demise Dance to round off the establish. With these things, you will have plenty of destruction and resistances to duel versus most champions and exert aspect lane stress many thanks to the Hullbreaker’s passive. 

If you’re inclined in the direction of signing up for the fights and wanting for picks on your workforce, don’t go with Hullbreaker and instead create resistances immediately with Death Dance, Maw of Malmortius, and Guardian Angel. Spirit Visage can be a great substitute if you have other champions that recover and defend even though Serylda’s Grudge is robust when battling numerous tanky champions. Antiheal might be essential in selected matchups, so Chempunk Chainsword is a fantastic situational product to take into thought. 

Rek’Sai’s capability purchase

The maxing order is the similar listed here as for its jungle edition: R>Q>E>W. That becoming stated, you always want to start with W in the top rated lane for a few of motives. First, it permits Rek’Sai to likely observe enemies’ actions, and most importantly, which side the enemy jungler is setting up on. Also, you can use it to knock up the enemy to offer destruction and get just one or two absolutely free vehicle attacks, successful the stage-one particular trades. If that was not more than enough, you can get absolutely free maintain by charging the fury and applying W to heal up. After that, get Q at amount two and E at degree a few, then max in the common purchase.

Laning stage with Rek’Sai top rated

The laning stage is possibly the most important second for Rek’Sai considering that it’s when she’s at her strongest. The void champion will prevail in most melee matchups as extensive as she’s ready to cast her full W-Q-E combo onto the enemy. And even if the trades don’t go as supposed, Rek’Sai can constantly use the minions and her W to heal again up a lot more than the enemy, enabling her to always get the upper hand.

Elderwood Rek'Sai Splash Art
Elderwood Rek’Sai. Image by using Riot Online games

Trade aggressively and power the enemy to struggle you: walk up anytime he tries to very last strike minions and land the combos. As quickly as he drops minimal, finish him off with Ignite or by applying the greatest. Make sure to shove waves and proc Demolish to get gold from the turret plates to even more prolong your lead.

It’s crucial to get a direct because Rek’Sai falls off afterwards in the activity in contrast to other champions. If the enemy is not participating in trades with you, shove waves and use the tunnels to gank the other lanes or invade the jungler when he’s farming camps. Irrespective, you really should have plenty of damage to destroy a person enemy. 

Mid and late-activity execution

As soon as you get into the mid-recreation, you must have significant gold and working experience lead about the enemy. Thanks to the Demolish rune, as nicely as Rek’Sai’s empowered vehicle attacks, she can swiftly consider down turrets. Stay on the side lane as extended as you earn in opposition to whoever matches you, and allow your teammates engage in close to aims on the other facet of the map. 

If you are the only fed member, nonetheless, try out to be a part of fights and concentration down the enemy’s have. Test to get into a flank posture and sprint in with the tunnels to knock up and acquire down the focus on.

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