Odencat announces journey RPG Meg’s Monster for Swap, Computer

Bear’s Cafe developer Odencat has introduced Meg’s Monster, an experience RPG in which the participant controls a close to-invincible monster who must get rid of enemies while safeguarding a human baby. It will launch for Swap and Computer via Steam this slide. It will guidance English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German, Italian, and more language selections.

Below is an overview of the video game, by using Odencat:


Meg’s Monster is an experience RPG that tells the tale of two very not likely buddies, with a exclusive switch-centered battle system in which the player controls a nigh-invincible monster who need to dispatch enemies though also protecting a fragile human kid with peculiar apocalyptic powers—because “if she cries, the complete globe dies.”


When a lost minor woman named Meg (whose tears just so materialize to keep the power to carry forth the apocalypse) winds up in a entire world full of mutants and monsters who consume human beings for breakfast, it is up to a hulking brute named Roy and his pal Golan to assistance her make it back house. As they scour the Underworld for clues with regards to her mother’s whereabouts, the trio will slowly but surely heat up to just one a further, when also uncovering some actually astonishing secrets and techniques about their globe and by themselves.

Struggle Program

Setting up the video game off currently maxed out at 99,999 HP, Roy is pretty much invincible on his individual. But with Meg included into the blend, he’ll have to also be mindful not to allow any of the tough monsters they come across lay a finger on her, or do just about anything that might make her cry—because if she does, it is sport above for every person. The method itself is a fairly basic convert-based mostly affair, but each individual fight will come with its own special mechanics and minigames to learn as you duke it out although safeguarding and keeping her joyful with her beloved toys.

Denizens of the Underworld

About the class of their journey together, Roy and Meg will come across a host of quirky and colourful characters, all lovingly rendered in Odencat’s trademark vivid pixel aesthetic that can make even frightening monsters seem sweet. Whether it’s little-time thugs seeking to gobble Meg up them selves, or a human who’s defied the odds and managed to endure in this harsh natural environment for years, or the distinguished customers of the High Underworld Council, there’s plenty of drama and intrigue to be located here—and even beforehand defeated enemies can be befriended by means of optional sub-activities.

A Feast for the Ears

With audio and audio style by acclaimed Monster Hunter and Atelier Ryza 2: Dropped Legends & the Top secret Fairy composer Reo Uratani, and a major theme featuring ethereal, otherworldly lyrics prepared and performed by Laura Shigihara of Plant vs. Zombies, To the Moon, Rakuen, and Deltarune fame, Meg’s Monster is established to have Odencat’s most impressive and formidable soundtrack still.

View the announcement trailer down below. Perspective the very first screenshots at the gallery. Check out the official web site here.






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Simplified Chinese