Onion Games’ new sandbox RPG will launch in 2023

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In a new Request Kimura segment sent to subscribers of The Solution Onion Cellar, Yoshiro Kimura disclosed that Onion Games‘ new sandbox RPG will launch in 2023. Onion Games typically bases its RPGs close to a unique topic this sort of as really like for moon and kissing for Chulip. When discussing the topic of this new RPG, Kimura stated “What I can say is that this time, I have been thinking a great deal about ‘children.’ That is the key thing I’ve been thinking about.”

Request KIMURA

#01. When will the new video game be launched?

Thank you for this significant concern!

The remedy is “next year”… but that is all we can say ideal now!

At this point, we are not in a position in which we can announce a firm launch day.

What we can say is that our first shift will be to insert a Steam web site with an undetermined launch date…

…I consider, anyway.

And even then, it will almost certainly be an additional six months prior to launch on any platform…

…I believe, in any case.

In order to announce a launch day, we have to be at a issue in development wherever we know we can completely continue to keep that date…

…and we’re not there but.

#02. What normal theme is your new game likely for, like how moon was about really like, and Chulip was about kissing?

Thank you pretty considerably.

I have been receiving lots of questions like this in English for really some time, but I haven’t but had numerous chances to answer them. I will try out to remedy them much more typically from now on.

What is the theme of the video game? That is in fact the dilemma.

I can’t give you a definitive reply, mainly because I’ve been hoping to entirely fully grasp that as I make the game…

What I can say is that this time, I have been wondering a good deal about “children.” That’s the principal issue I have been imagining about.


Hello absolutely everyone.

This is Kimura-san, your indie-videogame-earning Uncle. As you know, I’m currently difficult at function developing a new RPG. Now, I want to speak about this “Rose-Tinted Entire world.”

It appears that range of Japanese builders building indie video games is likely up substantially. And now, very last thirty day period observed the debut of a Tv drama called Atom’s Last Shot, about a solo, auteur, indie sport making genius.

What an incredible time we reside in! I simply cannot consider there is a Television set present like this in Japan! …But it is kind of bizarre. It’s honestly not super fascinating. Possibly simply because there is no “drudgery” in it?

In the actual world of indie online games, there are several a lot more discouraged builders than successful kinds. What you considered was going to be a vibrant, rose-tinted foreseeable future turns out to basically be stained pink with blood!

In actuality, the earth of indie video games is far more about acquiring tossed into a muddy, bloody battlefield.

Onion Games Sandbox RPG

Possibly it is just that this exhibit does not portray that bloody exhaustion that many indie match builders have.

In the course of the development of a activity, you are continuously bleeding out your very own living expenses and other labor costs, and you in no way know if the future transfusion will clearly show up in time for the recreation to make it to release.

Even then—and even if you make an outrageously exciting game—there is no ensure that it will see big profits.

And even even though we know that in progress, we sport developers have to maintain doing work to optimize our efficiency. We have to retain pushing ahead.

Indie recreation builders are essentially weird creatures that are consistently operating, laughing, and participating in chess, all when bleeding profusely.

Onion Games Sandbox RPG

Anyway, we’re likely to maintain doing the job hard to full the new RPG!

I’m pretty absolutely sure that we’ll be wholly drained dry by the time it is concluded, so when that time will come, you should do have a search at the activity (and probably invest in it if you can)!

November 24, 2022
Your Indie Sport Making Uncle
(Yoshiro Kimura)