Starfield hides a massive key, found soon after completing it 34 instances

Starfield new game plus presently puts a reality-warping, narrative-twisting spin on the Bethesda RPG. But it would seem the creator of Fallout, Skyrim, and Elder Scrolls has been hiding some thing else up its collective sleeve a gigantic solution that one Starfield participant has managed to discover on their 34th playthrough. It’s clever. It is humorous. It’s precisely the kind of ingenious spin that characterizes the finest Bethesda video games, and the most unforgettable quests. Massive spoilers for Starfield will follow, so be warned. Otherwise, this a person has to be noticed to be believed.

When it will come to reworking the Settled Systems into some thing absolutely new, ordinarily, your ideal bet is Starfield mods. Even so, the moment you reach the end of the main Starfield quest, you have the possibility to commence the Bethesda RPG activity again, retaining all your expertise and updates by – canonically – stepping into one more edition of the universe. Encompassing the whole parallel dimension, multiverse idea, it turns out there are infinite iterations of the Settled Units, and just about every time you finish the central tale and start off a new spherical of Starfield new video game furthermore, you’re coming into a portal that normally takes you to a new universe, a new universe exactly where, chronologically, all the situations of the key tale are about to start above.

On their 34th playthrough of Starfield – that is a single new match, and 33 new game pluses – one particular participant, ‘NikoMueller,’ would make an remarkable discovery. When they arrive at Constellation headquarters to produce the first artifact, they’re greeted by their have customized character, as they existed throughout the to start with playthrough. Thoroughly voiced, and behaving like any other Starfield NPC, you can see another example of this conversation, from YouTuber ‘HappyFace,’ in the video clip down below:

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Niko says that the character has the same stats as in the course of the 1st Starfield playthrough, will share discussions about their past, and can even be a part of the crew of their Starfield ship. Though Niko experienced this come upon in the course of playthrough quantity 34, it is very likely random, and might occur all through any new video game furthermore run – it just so transpired to be Niko’s 34th. So, much more than two months just after launch, Starfield is still packed with strategies. Who appreciates what else is out there?

Starfield new game plus secret: A Twitter post from a player of Bethesda RPG game Starfield

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