Superfuse melds the motion RPG loot-n-grind loop with comic book aesthetics to build an very compelling package

As an avid action RPG fan, I’m generally on the lookout for a new video game to grind and loot in, so I was shocked that I hadn’t heard of Superfuse just before I checked it out at PAX East. Formulated by Stitch Heads Online games, Superfuse combines the vibes and aesthetic of a science fiction comic reserve with the loot-grind loop of game titles like Path of Exile and Diablo into a astonishingly deep offer.

You perform as an Enforcer, a genetically enhanced superhuman below the command of “The Gods” – eternal corporate billionaires that now lead humanity. These groups of anti-heroes are sneered at and seemed at much more as requirements to guard the human race that are unfold throughout the stars, not idols of the folks. Superfuse will span a number of functions, all fully voiced, with each individual act taking place on an additional planet about the universe. Stitch Heads Online games has absent so considerably as to even make the human inhabitants of every single earth exclusive soon after owning advanced to offer with that world’s environment, this sort of as offering some more time limbs.

As fun as cruising about the universe, and browsing strange worlds, it really is important that your Enforcer appears the section far too. The equipment you will find is far much more science fiction motivated as opposed to the genre’s significantly a lot more widespread significant fantasy motif. You can anticipate to see cybernetic headpieces, leather vests, neon glowing knuckles, guns, and much more to outfit your Enforcer with. For the duration of my quick time with Superfuse, I arrived throughout a honest total of diverse-on the lookout loot, adopting a equivalent colored rarity for products that is a common sight in action RPGs.

In the demo, I experienced the chance to consider out the massively-muscled Berserker and two of his 3 class trees. The Berserker can spec into lightning-centered assaults, letting him the hurl bolts of electricity, and ground slams which are rather self-explanatory. As an individual who has hardly ever been a big admirer of the barbarian/berserker design and style in ARPGs, the intriguing addition of a lights tree spoke to me, and so I went tough into that choice.


The construct I was participating in granted me infinite skill factors to use to spend in skill trees. In minutes I went from your basic amount a single character to a nigh-invincible lightning god, hurling lightning and vanquishing my foes in the blink of an eye. It was at this level that I also found what interested me the most about Superfuse, its talent system.

Superfuse’s ability fuse system permits you to modify and increase your abilities, working with the aforementioned skill details. It has a lot of the customization that Route of Exile has, with its gems with the simplicity of use of Diablo 3’s ability runes where by you just select the modifiers to utilize. For my lightning throw ability, I augmented it so that alternatively of a one projectile getting thrown, several would be thrown out in an arc each in entrance and behind my character and would then ricochet on hitting an enemy. Encountering a mob of enemies meant my monitor would soon fill with blood and lightning. It was glorious.


The amount of options that had been current in the demo was incredibly extraordinary and the assure of far more for the ultimate launch boggles my intellect with the potential variations players will have entry to. I actually appreciated the melding of Diablo 3’s simplicity of use from its talent runes and Route of Exiles’ plethora of skill augments to build a thing as expansive and total of options that are present in Superfuse.

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With exception of the now-shuttered Marvel Heroes title, it is surprising just how barren the ARPG genre is when it comes to comedian-centered games. Superfuse proves that this combination can be a match built in heaven and was 1 of my largest surprises of PAX. I will be retaining my eyes open for long term information on Superfuse and lovers of action RPGs should really as well, as it is prepared to launch in early entry this year on Steam!