The Hardest Competitive Games Where You Play Against Other Humans

There are a lot of different challenges that come with various games. Quick-time events, huge boss battles, and mind-bending puzzles are just some of the challenges you’ll face in gaming. Though one of the most predictable and often challenging is that of other players.

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PvP games have grown in popularity in the past few years. The various genres and gameplay styles that are now offering PvP experiences have grown as well. Of the myriad different PvP games to choose from, some are far harder than others. Whether it’s the sheer amount of players, the addition of luck, or difficult game mechanics; here are some of the hardest PvP games out there.




FIFA 23 person moving ball around opponent

The soccer game that has become synonymous with sporting games around the world. FIFA makes the genre look easy, but winning against your friends in this game may be a bit harder.

There are plenty of players who have sunk hour after hour into this game, and you can definitely tell once you get matched up with them. It may seem like a simple game of soccer, but there’s a lot more skill to it than you may first realize. But, like with any sport, a little practice is all you need to start winning matches.

9 Elden Ring

Elden Ring knight from the game's front cover on their knees

Elden Ring takes the soulsborne series to all new levels, not just with its campaign though, but where PvP is concerned as well.

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Not only do you have to fight off various monsters and bosses that can often kill you in just a few hits, but fellow Tarnished can also invade your game and challenge you at will. This constant possibility of interruption really keeps you on your toes and makes the difficulty level of this game rise that much higher.

8 Rocket League

Farmstead Cars Flying After Ball Rocket League Arena Ranked

Car soccer sounds like an exciting time, and it definitely is where Rocket League is concerned. But don’t expect to waltz in and be top of the leaderboards.

Bouncing, dribbling, driving, scoring goals, and smashing into other cars are all to be expected in any match of this game. After being out for some years now, some players seem to find this game to be second nature. Going up against a pro at Rocket League will see you barely even touching the ball, let alone winning the match.

7 Smite

A screenshot depicting a scene in Smite of characters attacking near screen

A MOBA game that most gamers will definitely have heard of at some point in their lives if not played directly. Smite has enthralled plenty of players since its development, and it’s easy to see why.

Playing as one of a series of different gods, each with their own abilities and attacks, is a lot of fun, but it can definitely be intimidating when facing down a team of other more experienced players. There is a lot of nuance in getting good at this game, but with enough time you should be a valuable player to your team.

6 Tekken

Tekken 8 two players fighting

Anyone familiar with the fighting game genre should find the Tekken series instantly recognizable. For years now it has brought old and new players alike in with its head-to-head PvP game style.

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There’s a reason it has been around since the days of the arcade machine and is still thriving. The one-on-one approach to fighting games is a classic, and they really have honed it down to a science without changing much. There’s a certain intensity about logging on and knowing it’s just you and your opponent, and there will be only one winner at the end of the match.

5 Dota 2

Pudge from Dota 2 with trio of other characters in arena

Another big name in the pro-gaming scene and the MOBA genre. Dota 2 is one of the most popular games developed by Valve that has rocked the gaming world.

Playing as one of dozens of different heroes, you fight against a rival team in one of many different arena settings. Skills, buffs, attacks, there’s so much to get accustomed to and even more to master if you want to even do alright in this game. That isn’t to say it’s not fun, with the right strategies or the right team it can be an absolute blast.

4 Hunt: Showdown

 A plague doctor attacking a character in Hunt: Showdown

A game that mixes PvP and PvE incredibly well. Hunt: Showdown puts you in control of a hunter contracted to enter the bayou of Louisiana that has been corrupted by dark powers.

Sure, the swamp is teeming with monsters of all shapes and sizes, but more often than not it’s your fellow hunters that are the real challenge. There are plenty of weapons and perks to outfit your hunters with to try and fend off the darkness, but beware, your enemies have the same arsenal at their disposal.

3 Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six Siege teams facing off against each other

One of the latest games in the long-running Tom Clancy series. Siege is a game that pits you and your team of counter-terrorist operatives up against a rival team in various game modes.

Knowing each of your enemies is another player somewhere around the world that has a host of weapons and abilities at their disposal is quite an exciting time, as well as a difficult one. The game plays it fairly close to realistic too, with a limited amount of health and death coming quickly when taking damage. All of this adds up to a pretty difficult game, especially in ranked play.

2 Escape From Tarkov

Two players facing off in Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov is a mix of PvE and PvP combat that has drawn in players since the beginning. Tarkov is no game to take lightly, though.

The loot-based system and push towards realism really makes for quite the learning curve. Not to mention there could be an enemy player around any corner, and if they catch you off-guard, you’ll be back at the starting screen minus any loot you brought with you.

1 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

A character in CS:GO holding a gun.

There’s a reason CS:GO has been a fan favorite for so many years now. It may not be much in the way of graphics, but it has completely altered the world of competitive multiplayer gaming.

There is something about its strategy and simplicity that just keeps bringing players back. It is easy to hop into but hard to master, with competitive players clinching huge prizes with their practiced and inventive skills.

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