What skin has the most edit types in Fortnite?

A person of the staples of Fortnite has been the means to engage in as an at any time-growing group of figures that the player identifies with. Epic Games evolves on this by allowing for players the chance to customise skins with different edit models to genuinely display off how exclusive that certain player is. This has still left quite a few people today thinking what the skin with the most edit models in the video game is.

There are skins with a lot of edit types, like the Goalbound established, with 3,200 designs, or the Fourth Down set, with 3,700 variations. All that pales in comparison to the Boundless superhero set, which has in the vicinity of limitless combinations. With the potential to customize virtually anything on their superhero, players can genuinely generate someone that signifies themself in the match.


Superhero shown with edit options next to them
Screenshot by way of Epic Video games

The Boundless set will allow the participant to generate their personal superhero in Fortnite. The outfits appear in a number of unique faces that the participant can acquire, with every single obtaining the exact amount of customization solutions. Players have the option to customize the hair, mask, and pattern just for starters. Players can also decide on the product their costume is built out of as properly as the color.

Screenshot by means of Epic Video games

The most in depth component of the Boundless costumes is that gamers can use whichever emoticon they have as an icon on the upper body and back again, as effectively as a highlight skill that jobs the emoticon ahead of the character. There are around limitless selections for this skill and customization possibility, presented that Fortnite is regularly being current with new emoticons.

Honorable Mentions

While these other kinds could not have the customization alternatives of Boundless, they however offer gamers a ton of decision in how they decide on to rep their characters and groups.

Gridiron Gang

Three football players stand, each in either a red, blue, or white jersey
Graphic by using Epic Game titles

An evolution on the Fourth Down established, players have the possibility to customise these NFL jerseys with their preferred team’s insignia. In addition to incorporating some flair to the outfit, this will also regulate the shades on the jerseys. Players also have the selection to pick a number amongst and 99 to rep their favourite participant in the sport.

Goalbound Established

One soccer player blows a horn while others celebrate in the background
Impression by way of Fortnite Intel

This soccer-based mostly set authorized players to rep their favorite teams for the duration of the 2018 Environment Cup and carries on to pop up just about every now and all over again. Like the Gridiron set, gamers can select a range amongst and 99, and their preferred nation will designate what hues surface on the jersey.

As Fortnite is usually including new cosmetics, there is no telling when the future most customizable Outfit will release.